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“Your Sales Partners work with you, side by side, step by step. Delivering results, providing structure and training you and your team to keep your customers close, your prospects nurtured, and your sales pipeline filled.”

Whether you are working on site, in an office, or work from home, the phone is likely to be the first point of contact with customers and your future clients and contacts. Great communication skills don’t always come naturally, and even the pro’s get out of practice. What can work face to face may not be as effective over the phone or in a Virtual meeting.

Knowing how to handle a call or a Virtual meeting with confidence, empathy and a plan for the outcome can be the difference between a new client or a lost order.

Why do you need Your Sales Partners?

When a new business starts, or an established business wants to grow or reach into new markets, you need clients. Whether that’s keeping hold of the ones you’ve got, taking on new ones or attracting future ones. Without clients, you don’t have any business. But with demands on your time, it’s difficult to prioritise and you may be an astute accountant, a brilliant builder, a gifted graphic designer, but it does not mean you or your team are superb salespeople.

What’s different about training with Your Sales Partners?

  • Your Sales Partners provide training and coaching that helps you learn how to love the phone and make remote working enjoyable, productive & profitable for your business.
  • With a phone call, you only get one chance to create the best impression and lay the foundations for your future business relationship.
  • If you are customer facing, selling or telemarketing then being comfortable and confident with taking and making calls is essential.
  • Your Sales Partners have decades of telemarketing, sales and business development experience. We are highly skilled in knowing how to use tone, actively listen, question and use empathy whilst still achieving your business objective.
  • With a choice of training options from bespoke training workshops to downloadable, bite sized training modules, alongside regular 1:1 and group tele-coaching support, Your Sales Partners are with you every step of the way.
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With our training, combined with Your Sales Kit* and 1:1 telephone coaching support*, you and/or your team will:

  • Be able to use tone, empathy, questioning, active listening techniques and understand the art of body language to build relationships and communication skills
  • Be able to develop effective, simple sales and data management systems and processes everyone can follow
  • Be able to identify, research and build a well targeted database of your own
  • Be able to consistently achieve sales targets to help you grow your business

*Your Sales Kit is your ‘sales process in a box’ with different options to select from, depending on your industry/sector. Click here for further details
*Tele-coaching is an additional service we offer, please ask for further details

We work with small, medium and start-up businesses who want to grow through to the large, well-established firms with sales, customer service and account management teams in need of additional training, support, and coaching.

Areas we help them in are:

  • Telemarketing, campaign follow up and lead generation delivery
  • Moving into new markets and/or introducing new products
  • Implementing proven sales processes and systems
  • Training & tele-coaching new sales, customer service and account management staff
  • Training & tele-coaching existing sales, customer service and account management teams who need to generate more business over the phone and in virtual sales meetings. Helping them build, grow and sustain their sales pipeline


We are telemarketing, lead generation and business development experts.


Your Sales Kit is your ‘sales process in a box’ and is like the engine in your car; without the sales processes or systems, sales leads you pour in won’t be managed, nurtured and closed, they will be leaking away.


Our sales, customer service, phone skills and confidence building training modules, programs and tele-coaching support enable you and/or your team to keep your customers close, your prospects nurtured, and your sales pipeline filled.

In a domineering digital age, it is vital that your target audience still feels important and what better way to do that than speak with them? But how can you do it well and where do you start?

We understand that phoning your prospects or customers can be time consuming and it sometimes feels easier to send an email or text; this alone will rarely get a response.

There is also the fear of people being rude when you call, or being too busy, or you not really knowing what to say or ask them.
We work with you and your team to build confidence and overcome the fear of using the phone to truly engage with and secure your customers; present, past and future.

We love the phone and we want to help you learn to love it too.

View available modules. Click on a tile for more info.

Your Sales Kit

For businesses who want a ‘Sales Process In A Box’ with a tool kit of easy to adapt and adopt templates to tailor.

Your Phone Skills Training

Phone confidence and telephone skills training.

Your Sales Training

Sales training for the complete novice to the experienced professional needing inspiration and support.

Your Recruitment Training

Highly targeted workshops to help you learn how to be a top performing Recruitment and Search Consultant in the tough jobs and careers marketplace of today. Suitable for a recruitment fledgling or a fully grown Recruitment professional.


Tele-coaching support reinforces and embeds ongoing winning sales habits which enables sales and growth targets to be achieved more quickly and consistently.

Your Sales Reality Check

For tailored training, complete our FREE Sales Reality Check and we will be in contact within 24 hours with your bespoke Training Workshop recommendation


I would highly recommend the training and workshops to others! I left each session feeling much more in control and educated; the information presented was concise, informative and relatable to my specific role and for recruiters in general.

Futures RecruitmentRecruitment Consultant Feedback

I would recommend Katharine's 1:1 training because you build the confidence to pick up the phone and book the next step on your way to helping your next customers. I would give the training the full five stars. Thanks again Katharine.

Paul StokesEazi-Apps

It was a great session - thank you Katharine - can’t believe how quickly two hours flew by but lots of useful information learnt and to now put into practice!

Dawn Theobald-Park - Dovetail Kitchens and BathroomsArun Business Partership Phone Frights Workshop feedback

Katharine was really good at teaching me the skills I needed to make phone calls. She was very knowledgeable about the training she was giving and great at building your confidence about making calls to clients.

Sally Pitcher, GE Fire & Security1:1 Sales Training day feedback

Samantha provided bespoke sales training exercises for their inside sales and lead generation team. Material included fear of the phone, how to do outbound calling and setting up a process for them to follow which generates leads. Employee’s commented on how much more confident they felt after the sessions.

Keith CrossinghamSales Manager – Boston Produce