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For the complete sales novice to the experienced sales professional in need of a phone skills booster, inspiration and support.

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Tailored Sales, Customer Service & Phone Skills Training Workshops

Complete Your Sales Reality Check to help us identify your training needs and challenges. We then build your own tailored full or half day Training workshops from our suite of Training Modules. These are delivered face to face or via Zoom to teams of up to 10 at a time.

*Tailored workshop prices vary depending on content and length
*At any time, participants can sign up for further online training workshop modules – contact us for further information.

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Workshop Modules:

The Sales Process

The Sales Process 30 minutes

  • Understand how the telemarketing sales cycle works
  • The four step process involved from introducing the proposition to closure

Qualifying Leads

Qualifying leads 30 minutes

  • How to qualify leads
  • Speed up the sales process

Why having a Call Structure is so important for Sales Success

Why having a Call Structure is so important for Sales Success 30 minutes

  • Understand the key elements and techniques of a successful Sales Call
  • Tips and techniques on how to structure your call

Build Your Own Call Script

Build Your Own Call Script 60 minutes

  • Handling the Gatekeeper
  • Gaining permission
  • Your 30 Second Pitch
  • Open Questions
  • Closing Techniques
  • Generating Appointments
  • Features & Benefits
  • Objection Handling

Building your Database

Building Your Database 60 minutes

  • Understanding Who your target market is
  • Profile of your ideal customer
  • Role of Decision maker and influencer
  • GDPR Basics including understanding the basics of GDPR and your responsibilities with the data

How to set KPI’s and SMART goals and why it’s so important

How to set KPI’s and SMART goals and why it’s so important 30 minutes

  • Setting SMART goals & KPI’s for you and for your team
  • What are KPI’s and why are they important
  • The Weekly Report

Lead Nurturing and Relationship Building techniques

Lead Nurturing and Relationship Building techniques 30 minutes

  • Turn prospects into customers
  • Learn techniques in how to ensure all qualified prospects remain nurtured in your sales pipeline until they are ready to buy from you

Phone skills to help you adapt to the New Normal

Phone skills to help you adapt to the New Normal 60 minutes

  • How to be empathetic, timely and sensitive when talking with your audience: clients, customers, suppliers and prospects
  • Learn listening techniques and how to use the phone effectively to build relationships. With limited face to face meetings, the phone is more important than ever for your business. Learn effective ways to use the phone as the key to keep your clients happy and your prospects interested and firmly in your sales pipeline
  • Telemarketing techniques to generate appointments and future new business opportunities

Remote working

Remote working 30 minutes

  • How to identify the main challenges of remote working & how to overcome them
  • How to stay connected, collaboratively and as part of a remote team
  • Communication, time-management, motivation and ‘switching off’ methods and techniques for staff and managers

Managing & hosting Virtual Meetings with Customers, Prospects and Suppliers

Managing & hosting Virtual Meetings with Customers, Prospects and Suppliers 30 minutes

  • Which Virtual Meeting platform to use?
  • How to set up a virtual meeting including sample invites
  • How to structure & run your virtual meeting
  • Hosting your virtual meeting tips and techniques on presentation, speaking skills and confidence building
  • How to close your virtual meeting including next Action Steps & Closing the Sale
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Pre-recorded training module prices

30 minute module: £30 + VAT
60 minute module: £60 + VAT

Pre-recorded Training Bundles

Phone Skills Training Bundle: £195 + VAT
Sales Skills Training Bundle: £350 +VAT
Phone & Sales Skills Training Bundle: £395 + VAT

Bespoke, on site or live Zoom training and workshops. Prices will vary, depending on requirements.

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Add Your Sales Kit, our ‘sales process in a box’ to provide you with a full kit of all the tools you need for a successful, proven sales process for your business. Price: £395 +VAT

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Your Sales Kit

For businesses who want a ‘Sales Process In A Box’ with a tool kit of easy to adapt and adopt templates to tailor.

Your Phone Skills Training

Phone confidence and telephone skills training.

Your Sales Training

Sales training for the complete novice to the experienced professional needing inspiration and support.

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Highly targeted workshops to help you learn how to be a top performing Recruitment and Search Consultant in the tough jobs and careers marketplace of today. Suitable for a recruitment fledgling or a fully grown Recruitment professional.


Tele-coaching support reinforces and embeds ongoing winning sales habits which enables sales and growth targets to be achieved more quickly and consistently.

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